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Shampoo with Mineral Oxides (8 oz)

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Shampoo with Mineral Oxides (8 oz)

Mineral Oxides, a special germ-fighting mineral, gently and completely cleanses the hair as it stimulates scalp circulation with essential oil biospheres.

Mineral Oxides help fight bacteria to gently and completely cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp.

Removes pollutants, sebum, and residues from styling products.

Removes build-up on the scalp, freeing clogged pores thus allowing the follicle to grow.

Can be used daily for stronger, fuller, healthier hair.

Perfect for thinning or weak hair.

For maximum results, follow with ForYou's Hair Restoration and other specialty styling products: Style, Set & Shine Geland Super Hold Finishing Spray.

Shampoo with Mineral Oxides is also available in a 1/2 gallon size for $93.00, a greater savings of $115.00 over the same quantity in individual 8 oz sizes!

Hair Restoration (4 oz)

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Hair Restoration (4 oz)

Hair Restoration with Panthenol helps increase cell metabolism for healthy, fuller, shinier hair.

Panthenol increases the concentration of Pantothenic Acid in hair helping to increase cell metabolism and the formation of healthy hair.

This unique formula with Panthenol helps recapture body, accentuates soft highlights, and aides in manageability.

Performs beyond conditioners to nourish, restore, and strengthen the hair shaft.

Nourishes and restores hair damaged from blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, color processing, and perms.

Transforms dry, brittle hair into smooth, silky hair almost instantly!

An exceptional companion product with ForYou's Shampoo with Mineral Oxides.

For maximum results, follow with ForYou's specialty styling products:  Style, Set & Shine Gel and Super Hold Finishing Spray.

Hair Restoration is also available in a 16-ounce size for $78.00, a greater savings of $54.00 over the same quantity in individual 4 ounce sizes!

What Others Are Saying...

Using Hair Restoration actually restored life back to my hair that was damaged by a perm I had several weeks ago. My hair now has more shine and body than ever before. Thank you, Hair Restoration!!!  LP - North Carolina




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